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LITERARY LYCEUM: Tuesday 4 September 2018

Gwen Philips Author of  "Helen Grey-Smith"

I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1941. I am a fourth-generation Australian. In the early 1990s I was fortunate to meet Helen Grey-Smith who was living in Pemberton. She was in her mid-seventies but still working. I started a Master of Education Degree in 1994, the framework of which was social justice in particular reference to education and women in the visual arts. Helen Grey-Smith’s life and work became the central core of this work. I was able to speak to Helen on many occasions and had her permission to use the material in my thesis. I tape and transcribed interviews I conducted with Helen Grey-Smith over many hours.  She was charming and a great conversationalist, a widely read and travelled person as well as a very eminent Western Australian artist. I’m sorry she is not with us to see this book published.

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Dr Lesley Williams: Learning from Experience: Voices from WA School

Inspired by a life long interest in learning and her children’s experience of school Lesley embarked on an award winning research project that culminated  in a recently published book, “Developing Academic Talent in the Schools of Western Australia: A case study of students who scored in the top 5% of their test.”

RSVP to Discover:
· What ‘being supportive’ means for learning?
· How to play our way to learning more
· Independent learners are made not born
· What beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors are particularly helpful to developing talent?

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Setsu Masuda and Jo Darvall: The Rose, the Butterfly, the Bee and the Moth" Book Suite Concert

Pianist Setsu Masuda will perform Book Suite-‘The Rose, the Butterfly, the Bee and the Moth’ composed by WA guitarist/composer Duncan Gardiner. The Book Suite has been performed in Japan, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  The music was inspired by Fremantle based visual artist Jo Darvall’s illustrated Artist’s Book ‘The Rose, the Butterfly, the Bee and the Moth’ which opens and extends to 7 meters long and will be on display and read by Jo to complement the recital. This poignant narrative was written by renowned author Jane Harrison and brought to life by the beautifully illustrated Artist's Book, original music and live music performance with narration.

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travel lyceum: tuesday 25 september 2018

Geoffrey Thomas: Perth Airport - Historial and Future Perspectives

Geoffrey Thomas, aviator editor of the West Australian, has been writing and commenting on aviation for 47 years and has most recently been awarded the Aerospace Journalist Awards Life Time Achievement Award at the Royal Aeronautical Society in the UK.  He has 42 previous national and international awards for his works and is a regular aviation commentator on global TV, radio and in print, as well as co-author of 11 books. 

This is a Travel Lyceum not to be missed.

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